Male Sex Toys

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  1. -40%
    Bathmate Hydromax X30 Male
  2. -38%
    Baile Masturbator Cup for men
  3. New-53%
    Jenna Haze Fleshlight Girls
  4. -41%
    SEXBY Multi Frequency Masturbator
  5. -27%
    Yayo Vaginal and Ass Two in One Hands Free Masturbators
  6. -40%
    Bathmate Hercules Penis Enlargement Pump
  7. -42%
    Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Device
  8. -53%
    Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girls
  9. -30%
    Ienda masturbator cup for men
  10. -38%
    Compact and Realistic Cup
  11. -32%
    Mini Masturbator Cup for men
  12. -31%
    Evo Spider Cup Male Masturbator
  13. -32%
    Auto Rotation Lover Male Automatic Masturbator
  14. -30%
    Handsfree Male Aircraft Cup Toys
  15. -38%
  16. -53%
    Stoya Fleshlight Girls Lotus Texture
  17. -53%
    Jesse Jane Fleshlight Girls Lotus Texture
  18. -53%
    Katsuni Fleshlight Girls
  19. -53%
    Asa Akira Fleshlight Girls
  20. -53%
    Kayden Kross Fleshlight Girls Lotus Texture
  21. -39%
    Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Spray for Men
  22. -25%
    Doc Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream
  23. -29%
    Developpe Sex Cream for men
  24. -39%
    Penis Ring with Vibration
  25. -58%
    Extra Dotted Crystal Condom with Silicon Made Washable & Reusable Feature Condom
  26. -32%
    Soft Silicone Penis Extender
  27. -25%
    Brave Man Penis Sleeve with multi-speed bullet vibrator
  28. -43%
    Ribbed Reusable Vibrating Condom
  29. -24%
    Bigger man plus Men Extension Condom
  30. -41%
    Penis Extender - 2 INCH (SLEEVE)
  31. -28%
    ICE Fleshlight Masturbator for Men
  32. -41%
    Silicon Boobs (2Pc)
  33. -66%
    Automatic Penis Enlargement PUMP
  34. -28%
  35. -40%
    Fleshlight Golden STU
  36. -48%
    Half Body Soft Silicone Doll
  37. -34%
    Crazy Bull Men Toys Mastubator Cups
  38. -34%
    Universal Toy Cleaner
  39. -40%
    MaxMan Penis Enlargement Cream
  40. -42%
    Titan Penis Enlargement Gel
  41. -30%
    Qing Super Tight Vagina Male Masturbator Sleeve
  42. -35%
    Pink Head Penis Sleeve
  43. -50%
    Pjur Med Pro-Spray
  44. -41%
    Shots Ultra Premium Vibrating Ring
  45. -27%
    Tenca Masturbation Cup
  46. -43%
    Pretty Love 3D Masturbator
  47. -34%
    Doc Johnson Plump Enhancing Cream For Men
  48. -37%
    Pink Lady Masturbator for Men
  49. -50%
    Strap on Belt For Dildo
  50. -53%
    Riley Steele Fleshlight Girls
  51. -20%
    Mini Pocket Pussy Hand Masturbator
  52. -37%
    Realistic Mouth With Teeth and Tongue Blow Job Stroker
  53. -26%
    Doggie Style Pussy And Ass Masturbator
  54. -35%
    Big Sexy Breast With Nipple & Pussy
  55. -21%
    Big Man Deep Love Penis Extender
  56. -25%
    Yunman Penis Enhancer Sleeve
  57. -23%
    Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump with Silicon Vagina Cap
  58. -27%
    X-Man USB Rechargeable Automatic Hands Free Electric Penis Enlargement Pump
  59. -32%
    Reusable Penis Enhancer Sleeve- Skin Color
  60. -43%
  61. -29%
  62. -22%
    Tori Black Fleshlight Girls Lotus
  63. -43%
    Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Enlargement Pump
  64. -34%
    Dooz 14000 (Delay Spray For Men)

Items 1-64 of 77

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Sex Toys for Men

Men’s are not born to handle the responsibilities only, they also have feelings, they also love to spend time alone for self-pleasure. A study reveals that doing orgasm helps a man to burn calories, helps in reducing stress, helps in getting the better immune system and of course a better sleep. In the countries like India, there is lots of pressure and stress in the jobs. After a hectic office schedule, the majority of the proud single men and half single (those who are in long distance relationships) spend quality time alone watching some porn and use of their own hand for self-pleasure. We think for Men and provide a wide range of Sex Toys for Men.

Masturbators for Men – The perfect bedroom partner 

Male masturbators are of different types such as vibrating pocket pussy, handsfree masturbators, fleshlight models, double head masturbators and much more. These masturbators give immense pleasure. These high-quality male sex toys are made of medically safe soft silicone. The soft silicone sleeve will give real feel as the penis will be covered fully by the textured silicone sleeve. The orgasm through vibrating pussy will bring you to the next level of pleasure, you just need to control the speed and enjoy the different modes. You need not put efforts for stroke; you will get off with the different modes of vibrations. 

Penis Sleeve Extenders – the easiest way to increase the length and girth

The Penis Sleeves and reusable condoms are basically used for delay ejaculation and for full satisfaction to the female partner during the intercourse. The sleeves are of different types, like sleeves with vibrating bullets, sleeves with single rings and double rings to hold the balls and a bit solid from the head side, so that female partner can feel the bigger length and girth of the penis. These penis sleeve extenders can be wearing as like condoms. We always recommend the use of lubricant over the penis and sleeves for the smooth functioning during the intercourse. 

Sex Dolls – dream toy for every adult

As a result of the liberation of the societies, the mass is in the market is looking for the hunt of an artificial partners (male sex dolls and female sex dolls). Sex Dolls are one of the best creation by the human’s for self-pleasure in their bedroom. Different types of dolls are available online as in the budget of every individual. Half body solid silicon sex dolls, full body inflatable sex dolls and full body soft silicon sex dolls are common among several countries but countries like Japan have created the full body sex dolls made of soft silicon with the feature like vibrations and different sound modes which look alike a real female partner. These are also known as sex robots.

The inflatable dolls are basically within a bit low budgets; these are basically air filled with the silicon vaginal canal. The Semi Solid dolls are basically air filled while the private parts and face of the doll is made of soft silicon. Last but not the least, the full body solid sex dolls are made of silicon completely. If you are in the bed with such sex dolls, you can bend them as per your fantasy within any position, like a perfect bedroom partner. These can be used as long as you want, just need to take care of the cleaning and hygiene. We always recommend the use of sex toy cleaners for any kind of adult toys.