Penis Ring

Penis rings, also known as dick rings or cock rings, are mostly used as a sex toy for additional pleasure, especially the vibrating ones. However, these rings have a medical utility as well. Those who suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), may use dick ring to lock the blood flow in the penis. This helps in keeping the cock hard for intercourse.

There are several types of cock rings available in the market with different features. A penis ring is worn at the base of the dick to restrict the blood flow for stronger erection and for a longer period of time. These rings are also used for aesthetic purposes, as an accessory to enhance the look of the genitals. Cockrings have few more names such as C rings, shaft rings, erection rings, tension rings, etc. The rings that are worn just behind the corona of the glans of the penis are known as glans rings, head rings, or cock crowns. A ring covering both penis as well as the scrotum is known as cock and ball ring. Some rings are only meant for scrotum to hold the testicles. These are known as testicle cuffs or ball stretchers. Another variation is inflatable cock rings for better adjustment.

Our range of penis rings come with vibration and accessories for clitoral as well as anal area during intercourse. We make sure that all our products are tested safe on all parameters. Hopefully, now you are aware of -- what is a penis ring.

How To Use A Penis Ring

Here, we will discuss -- how to put penis ring. Most dick rings are designed to be worn when the cock is in the middle of erection. So that, when the penis is completely grown, the ring fits into the right place. The penish ring is worn at the base of the dick and it is your choice to either keep it in front of the balls or behind it. Keeping in front of the testicles is good for beginners. If you face any trouble wearing these rings, try them with lubes (lubricants).

Penis Ring With Condom

If you wish to wear a condom with dick ring, wear the ring first. Once you are fully erected, then wear the condom. Wearing the ring after condom can damage the condom. Also, as per the utility, the ring is worn on a semi-erected cock and condoms are meant to be worn after full erection.

We are trying to give you all of the cock ring info. Hopefully, now you know exactly how to wear a penis ring. Now, you must be wondering what is the best penis ring. So, we will talk about some of the variations of covk rings.

Types Of Dick Rings

There is a huge variety available of penis rings online. Some of the available with us right away are Utimi Soft Silicone Dual Vibrating Cock RingBat Shape Penis Ring With VibrationBolt Vibrating Ring For MenBeaded Cock Rings, , Pretty Love Eudora Silicone Waterproof Couple Pleasure Cock Ring, , and Rabbit Vibrating Ring. Let’s now discuss some categories of the varieties of the dick rings.

Vibrating Penis Rings

At AdultsKart, most of the penis rings come with the additional benefit of vibration. Even though dick rings are supposed to support people with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and PE (Premature Ejaculation). But, vibrating ones offer an add-on to the pleasure. Not just it vibrates the penis for more pleasure, but also some of these rings come with clitoral and anal stimulation. So, they give pleasure to your partner as well. Even in the case of homosexuals, these rings can prove to be a boon by providing varied stimulations, rest depends on your creativity.

Metal Cock Rings

Originally, dick rings came in the form of metal rings. They look just like a big finger ring. Not only people used these for better performance, but also for ornamentation. So, yes, it can be used as jewelry for your dick. 

Stretchable Silicone Penis Rings

Silicone penis rings are stretchable, easy to wear, and very convenient to use. Just like metal ones, they come in different sizes. But there is something that you need to be aware of before using any lube with silicone penis rings -- silicon based lubes do not go well with silicon products, as these lubes can degrade the silicon.


Pubic hairs might become a cause of pain while wearing or taking off the penis rings. So, it is always better to either shave them off or use better lubricants. However, we will always suggest you to prefer shaving those off.

Hopefully, we have covered answers to all the questions related to penis rings. So, you must be already excited to get a few for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us on the live chat. We would love to answer any questions. It has been many years since we are serving the pleasures of the people, and understanding their needs and requirements, we are constantly making improvements. So, your queries will not only help us serve you better, but also those who might be having similar doubts.

At Adultskart, we respect your privacy very much, so we will never ask unnecessary questions and always try to ensure that you face no discomfort while communicating with us. As far as delivery is concerned, we are very much comfortable delivering your products at the location suggested by you, if not home or any particular address. Delivery person can never know the contents of your package, as we pack them in a very discreet manner. Overall, we try our best at our end so that you feel comfortable with us. So, feel free to contact us for any suggestions, queries, ideas, etc. It is you who makes us serve better everyday. Sex is a very important part of this world, and we are just trying our bit to make the concept of reproduction a bit more exciting as well as safe.