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Sex is the basis of human existence. We keep growing, thriving and sustaining ourselves on the planet just because we have sex. All the religions around the world have given importance to reproduction, which cannot happen without sex. That is why Mother Nature has given us the hormones and organs to make us do it, so that we continue to live on and do not perish like dinosaurs. Indeed, we have worked it out pretty good, that’s why we have populated the planet very much. Of course, we do not need to reproduce at the rate we have been doing, but what about our urges? We cannot stop them, and we should not stop them. Less or more, we will always have to reproduce. The day we lost our urge to have sex, we will attain the fate of dinosaurs for sure. So, we must not suppress our sexual urge, rather enjoy it, so that we don’t lose it in evolution.

If we just keep the reproduction part aside, sex is way too good to be lost in the evolution. Then why we tabooed down such a good and important thing? There are many reasons for it. But, we should try to bring the right changes. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is why, we, at, have brought a vast collection of sex toys. So that, you have the complete control over your sex life, and you are not dependent on anyone to please you.

About AdultsKart

AdultsKart is one of the India’s best online sex toy shop. Our wide array of products include luxury vibrators, couple vibrators, G-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, dildos, anal toys, bondage, handcuffs, sex games, masturbators, naughty gifts, real doll, ben wa balls, penis enlargements, penis sleeves, delay gels & sprays, breast enlargements, and many more for your pleasure.

Respecting your privacy, hygiene, wellness, and pleasure, we make sure that our flawless system makes you feel comfortable to buy from us. We cater to all your requirements in discreet packaging as well as all levels of privacy. Even the delivery person is not aware about the contents of the package.

Why AdultsKart

AdultsKart is known for being the trusted selling partner for sex toys in India. In order to cater the varied needs of everyone, we have products in different categories such as:

Sex Toys for Women


We have dildos for all types of imaginations as well as desires. The range of our dildos goes like: delicate dildos for the young ones new to sex, huge dildos for those who like it big, strapon dildos for those who like to have a company, vibrating dildos for extra fun, and many more.

G-Spot Vibrators

Most women never get to know the magic of g-spot. If your partner is unable to find it for you, let your toy do the job. Get yourself a g-spot vibrator and you do not need anyone to give you that ultimate orgasm.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoris is the most sensitive part of the body. It is the trigger to the erotic side of a woman. A right clitoral vibrator can give you such a wonderful and extended orgasm that you could have never had. The best thing is, you can have your orgasm anytime and anywhere you want to, because sex toys give you that freedom.

Luxury Vibrators

You do not wear that sexy lingerie just to show it to someone, it makes you feel good, right? Then why shouldn’t your sex toy be luxurious. Luxury vibrators are the premium type of vibrators, made aesthetically good looking.

Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs can really make you creative. They do not have just one function, but many. You will find out. It is also couples’ favorite sex toy as it can be used in several ways to spice up your sex life.

Anal Toys

Most of the people are only stuck with straight sex and miss the pleasure achieved through anal activities. Anal toys can take your pleasure to the next level, especially if you are a woman. No matter how much we explain it here in words, you need to experience the pleasure to understand it.

Breast Enlargements

Who doesn’t want bigger breasts? That’s why we have brought a good collection of products to enhance your womanhood. You do not need to go for silicon implants or anything unnatural like that. Our products make you look fuller naturally.

Sex Toys for Men

Penis Sleeves

If your partner likes it big, sex sleeve can be really helpful and fun. Also, it saves you a lot of money that you have to invest in a condom, because these are reusable. All you have to do is to wash them after every use.

Penis Enlargement

Surprise your partner with a bigger dick using our absolutely healthy penis enlargement products.

Delay Gels and Sprays

Who doesn’t like an extended pleasure or orgasm? These delay gels and sprays are very effective. Also, these are made of natural ingredients.

Sex Doll

It is always good to buy a sex doll, rather than objectifying a real doll-like woman. Sexual urges are natural, but if you do not have your female partner, get yourself a sex doll and have fun with her as per your convenience.


All humans, who function sexually normal, masturbate. So, we thought of making masturbation an even more exciting process with these amazing masturbators.

Penis Ring

Believe it or not, penis rings are ancient. Our ancestors have used them as well, just like dildos. They not only increase the size of the dick, but also elongate the pleasure.

Sex Toys for Couple

Sex Games

Sex can be made far more interesting if it is played like a game. Try some sex games and you will know what we mean.

Bondage Kits

Bondage kits are another kind of fun. It is indeed a pleasure to tie your sex partner in the bondages and make them do whatever you like to do.

Apart from these, we have a lot of products to make your sex life very interesting, while giving you the freedom of having the pleasure of sex whenever and wherever. You just have to name the product and we will get it for you.

Health & Hygiene Is Priority

As these products are for very intimate usage, we follow the highest standards for the health and hygiene of our buyers. We make sure that these products only bring you pleasure, fun, and happiness, nothing less than that.

Highest Levels Of Privacy

We make sure that the highest levels of privacy are followed. We have an impeccable system to maintain that. The delivery person never gets to know the contents of the package. Also, we make sure that no personal details are mentioned on the package to ensure next level privacy. Shopping from is completely legal, as we follow Indian laws very sincerely.

Additionally, we offer the customized delivery system, where you can choose for self pickup or home delivery of the package. Our 24/7 live chat helps in making things possible.


Apart from discreet packaging and other benefits of ordering from, we also offer COD (Cash On Delivery) and free delivery across India. So, ordering from us is far easier than ordering anything from many other popular websites.

24/7 Live Chat

Our 24/7 live chat does not have bots or just customer care executives, they are industry experts who know exactly everything about these products, their usage, your requirements, and privacy. Our experts also understand the requirements of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex) very well. So, feel free to connect with us on live chat. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Why To Use Sex Toys

We believe that the sex toys are important for all of us, as sex plays an important role in our lives and health. It is important to have regular sex to maintain mental and physical health. Human body is designed in a way where these requirements are not very different from the requirement of food, water, air, or anything like that (unless we are Yogis in the Himalayas of course).

But, we are just average human beings who needs basic necessities, and sex is one of them. Sex toys are not just for play or fun, they should be considered as the medical accessories to maintain the health of human body.

At AdultsKart, we take our work very sincerely and make sure that we deliver the best to the cause. The only reason we started doing this business is because we believe in the cause. Sex is important to human body, there is no reason to be shy about that. Nature has made us this way so that we can reproduce and let ourselves survive for ages to come.

Through AdultsKart, we are respecting the law of nature and making sure that everyone gets the required sex. In this scientifically advanced world, where we have machines for everything, why should sex be left behind.

Sex toys help in understanding the fact that humans are not sex objects. So, objectifying a human for sex is not right, rather buy a toy and stay happy. Sex can be fulfilled without a human. Let’s keep human race for love, not just for objectification and sex. We hope that sex toys will one day make this world a better place.