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Yunman Penis Enhancer Sleeve
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Max Man Penis Sleeve
Max-Man Penis Extender Sleeve
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Baile Wolftooth Penis Sleeve
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What Is Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeve is a sex toy, as popular as penis ring. As the name suggests, it increases the size of your dick by adding a layer to it. Eventually, giving your partner more pleasure. Also, it extends the time duration of your sex play. These are more like thick condoms and are also known as penis extenders, as it increases the length and girth of the penis.

You may also put penis sleeve on other sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, etc. As it is made of rubber, just like condoms, it adjusts to the shape flexibly. It also comes in various textures such as dotted, rigged, etc, to add extra pleasure to the intercourse. Not all penis sleeves provide contraception, so it is advised to know your product properly before buying and using, or else you might end up with a situation of unwanted pregnancy.

Some penis sleeves, that do not provide contraceptive protection, can be used with condoms. You may contact us to know the details of the penis sleeves you are intending to buy.

Helps With Premature Ejaculation

Penis sleeves come in various sizes and thickness. Premature ejaculation is too early an orgasm during the intercourse, which might not be very helpful for your partner, as they need more time to enjoy themselves.

Some men face premature ejaculation because of hyper-sensitivity to the sensations. A slight sensual touch or little sensation may induce orgasm. Penis sleeves help in reducing the sensation. You may choose the thickness of the sleeve as per your required sensation and you are good to go. It can be used by anyone, be them young boys or mature men. This product doesn’t affect your body in any adverse way. It is just an accessory to help you make your sex life better.

Good For Extra Sensitive Dicks

If the skin around your penis is extra sensitive and you feel discomforting sensation during or after the intercourse, penis sleeves can protect you. You can choose the required thickness, so that it doesn’t reduce the sensation too much, and after that it is only pleasure.

Additional Benefits

Some penis sleeves also come with vibrators. This type of penis sleeve not only increases the size of your cock, but also gives extra pleasure with vibration. So, if you are wearing your sleeve, just to give more pleasure of a bigger dick to your partner and facing reduced sensations in intercourse because of the sleeve, the feature of vibration will supplement the reduced pleasure with vibrations. Vibrations add pleasure to both the people involved in sex.<

At times, even the stimulating texture of penis sleeve (such as dots) is not enough to satisfy the woman. Here comes the vibrator. A penis sleeve with virator can do all the magic.

Some penis sleeves are made to stimulate the g-spot. So, if your woman is not able to get that vaginal orgasm, wear this sleeve and give that to her: Penis Enhancer Sleeve With G-Spot Vibrator 

Many people also use penis sleeves just for fun. However, you need to choose the right kind of penis sleeve for the right kind of fun.

Penis Sleeve As Masturbator

Yes, it can be used as a male masturbator. All you need is to take a textured penis sleeve and invert it. The texture will come inside to induce the sensations on your dick. Now, wear it on and start masturbating. Extra stimulation with dotted, rigged, or any other texture is always better.

Penis Sleeves & Contraception

This product is basically a sex toy and not made for the purpose of contraception. Some penis sleeves might provide contraception though.

Condom With Penis Sleeve

Yes, you can wear your penis sleeve over a condom. The condom is made with a medical purpose to provide contraception.

Some penis sleeves are made in a way that you can wear a condom above them. If your condom has good lubrication or you are using lubricant, it is good along with the penis sleeve. Lubrication makes installation easy.

Penis Sleeves’ Maintenance

  1. Sex toys demand good hygiene for your health. Obviously, you do not want to put any unwanted germ or organism inside your body.
  2. Penis sleeves are not disposable. These can be washed and used for as long as they are working fine for you.
  3. Keep them away from the direct sunlight or flammable things, as it may damage the product.


  1. Size matters a lot, as far as penis sleeves are concerned. Just like clothes, you do not want to buy yourself a wrong size. In order to get yourself a perfect size, you may either find out from the description of the product. If that is not very helpful, we are always there to help you find the best penis sleeve for you.
  2. Always test your penis sleeve first time before engaging with your partner. You do not want to spoil the mood while understanding the best way to use your penis sleeve.
  3. All women are different, as far as sensuality or sensitivity is concerned. So, all penis sleeves might not be very comfortable to every one of them. While buying, also consider your partner’s situation.
  4. Some people take time to get accustomed to the sex toys. It needs physical as well as mental acceptance. So, take your time and let your partner take some time to develop the comfort with the new sex toy. Initially, it might not be easy for all.

How To Wear A Penis Sleeve

  1. It is always better if you are using a lubricant before putting a penis sleeve on. However, it is not mandatory.
  2. Usually, penis sleeves are very stretchable. Unlike condoms, they do not come rolled, they come in the proper dick shape. So, just stretch the opening and start putting it on your erected dick.
  3. Just like you wear a condom, make sure no air is left inside your penis sleeve while it is covering your dick.
  4. If your penis sleeve comes with a ring for balls, pull the ring on the balls after you have worn the sleeve on the dick.

Hopefully, you have got enough information on penis sleeves now. If you are buying your first penis sleeve with us and need assistance, please feel free to contact us. Our chat box is always ready to help you find your best sex toy.

Here’s More

Hollow strap-on dildos are also available. We have a variety of them with different features such as g-spot vibration, clitoral stimulation, real-feel penis texture and balls, vibration with pussy, etc.

Chastity locks are very famous for their nasty usage. Many people use them to ensure that their partner is not cheating. These locks are designed to literally lock a penis in a cage. However, you may use these chastity locks to add fun to your sex life. All you need is to think creatively to ensure the best use of these chastity locks. Some people enjoy locking their partner’s dick and giving them sweet trouble so that they beg for sex. At Adultskart, we offer you the best stock of chastity cage online.

Feel free to contact us to buy our products. We value your privacy and high expectations on quality as well as health parameters. We guarantee a discreet packaging, the delivery guy never knows the contents of your package.

Buy penis sleeves online to increase the size of your dick by adding a layer to it. Our penis extenders are available in different sizes and colors. Shop online from Adultskart at low prices.