Well, you might become a geek at times when it comes to productivity in the workplace. You might find hacks and ways to improve your productivity to get the right balance. Likewise, you need to get in some productivity in your sex life too and improve it. Here are a few hacks to not only boost your work life but improve your sex life as well.

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  • Turn the alerts off

Switching on the Do Not Disturb more will help you better tune into your sex life. Fewer distractions mean more work done – be it any aspect of your life – work or sex.


  • Listen to music

Listening to relaxing and soothing music can help you focus better on your work – and with work here, we mean sex. Stay focused in the moment – music signals your brain that it is time for action.


  • Use your WHY power

When you know what and why of what you do – choosing your priorities becomes a lot easier. It is the same when it comes to your sex life. Set your priorities straight.


  • Have 30-minute meetings

Following the tradition of a quickie can be a great way to include sex on your busy schedule. So, whenever you get a chance, embrace a quickie and go for it.


  • Morning exercise

Exercise is a great way to boost energy and creativity. And what can be better than morning sex exercise? It is easy to have a habit of having sex in the evening, but morning sex always feels better.


  • Go in for the scheduling

Never leave sex at the bottom of your to-do list or for a spontaneous chance. Schedule it and make it happen. Just know that you’ve to do it and do it.


  • Say NO

Learn to say no to your partner. If you feel like you shouldn’t, then don’t go for it. This will set your intentions clear and avoid any misunderstandings or arguments.


  • Silence the perfectionist inside you

Perfectionism can be pure poison in the bedroom. Stop worrying about how you look, how you sound, or how is your sexual performance. Instead, enjoy the pleasure you’re getting and your partner.


  • Redecorate your room

You’ve got to be relaxed if you have to enjoy your sex life. For that, you need to have a comfortable space – your bedroom.


  • Make the most of your time

Your sex life can easily take a backseat when you have multiple things to do. So, always use the spare minutes to build up the fire and tension.


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