Your sex life serves as a great opportunity to be creative and intimate. However, too often, you might end up following the same sexual script or pattern as the last. So, here, we’ll go beyond the tips and tricks into the psychological side of arousal and how you can integrate foreplay into your sex life. Savour the pleasure that builds up to amazing sex.

What is foreplay?

In the simplest form – it is the warm-up before sex. However, it doesn’t have to lead to sex every time. It can be kissing, laughing, talking, touching, and more – anything that puts you in a relaxed and sensual mood that brings you closer to your partner. Consider it as “whatever that gets you thinking about sex”.

Why does foreplay matter?

Foreplay can have different meanings for everyone as everybody is different. Building up to sex can result in better orgasms and longer sex – even if it is solo. It can also help in increasing lubrication, decreasing chances of experiencing pain, and a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

It isn’t just about touching

Touching is a huge part of foreplay but it comes with an emotional side for building up the intimacy. Remember, so much sexual arousal happens in our brains. Foreplay helps break down the stress of the day and makes room for a relaxed state of intimacy and arousal.

How to master foreplay?

Here are a few ways to integrate foreplay into your sex. Make the most out of your experience and arousal making it more pleasurable and intimate.

  • Know what your partner enjoys

Begin it as a conversation or game – start with finding out what your partner likes and enjoys. Start here to know it all.

  • Set the stage

Prepare the space where you want to have sex – make sure it is clean and appealing which makes you want to have sex.


  • Go for light sensory touching

Completely clothed or fully naked – your call – spend a few minutes slightly caressing each other’s body. These touches can be sexual or not – your choice.


  • Old-school make out session

Be it in your bedroom or the back of your car, focus on the feeling of your partner on you. Experiment with how you want to feel each other.


  • Do something fun

Start with doing yoga, reading, cooking, or something that helps you connect with each other. Remember, foreplay begins with an emotional connection which naturally leads to arousal.


  • Try some dirty talk

Lead to a sexy build-up with teasing at the idea of sex. Be it suggestive sex in the morning or a tasteful nude followed by an explosion when it is time – just go for it.


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