With Valentine’s Day not far away, it is time to spice up your intimacy and sex life with your partner. Days of the stereotypical red roses, scented candles, and chocolates are a thing of the past. On this day of love, go for expressing with not material things but intimacy and a cozy time together. Make the day all about a thrilling sex experience together. As the day approaches, one question might come to your mind for sure – How to make things exciting and spice up your sex life?

  1. A little foreplay in the kitchen

Restricting yourself to the bedroom might make it a regular experience you might have. What about playing about in the kitchen and giving your partner a treat, they deserve and desire?

Bring your best side to the table to add a fun twist to your regular foreplay. Experiment with your intimate wears for more fun – and this goes both ways. And nothing is better than playing with some food on your partner that makes it so much fun.


  1. A steamy shower affair

If you’re not a fan of the kitchen and want to avoid that mess, the shower is the place you should head towards. Well, who would choose to avoid a hot steamy shower?

Make your shower experience exciting by adding toys – not floating ducks but sex toys. Start with a body massage and take it from there slowly. Everybody loves a little bit of extra attention, especially from their partner. So, go for it.


  1. Get real about how you feel

There can be nothing sexier than getting in tune with how you feel about the experience. Whether you feel pleasured or painful, go vocal about it. Communicate with your partner and get it right on track for both of you.


  1. Use Sex toys

Add the magic and wonder of sex toys to your sex life. You can try different sex toys that you think fit best for you and your partner. It is sure to elevate your experience and make it the one you’ll long for more. This is sure to spice up your sex experience and make you look forward to more fun and experimental plays.


  1. How about a little role-play?

Try spicing things up with a bit of role-playing. If you’re not sure where to start, a romantic dinner can be the perfect start. Go on a date to connect with each other and slowly take things up by building up the anticipation. Put on an outfit that makes you feel confident and pretend to be someone that you’ve always wanted to be in the bedroom.

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