Have you ever wanted to improve your sex life? Or have you ever thought of how to have better sex? Then, you’ve probably searched Google ‘sex tips for men’, ‘adult toys online’, or anything else. However, it might disappoint you a bit. Why? Because, there are loads of tips, tricks, and techniques. But what’s the best one for you. How do you – as a man – get better in bed? Here’s how.

  • Women do not often like what you think

Men and women are different and so are the preferences of women. And, this is something you should remember. Don’t automatically think that she’ll like what you like.

  • Women might like less sexually experienced men

But why? Because men who have sexual experience think of themselves as experts. Rather, you can be subtle and ask her what she wants as well. You need to work together to make it a marvelous experience for both.

  • Good sex is not just about doing

Good sex is not just positions, penetrations, and orgasms but also the energy between the partners. Get lost in the moment but also be in the moment. That’s what women want – not just sex all the time.

  • Do not try to please her

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to – just don’t make it fake. Do not force it on her and be natural. Trust us; nothing will be sexier than this. So, just be real.

  • Go for reality over fantasy

Being a fan of fantasy and sexual play is great but think about the reality. The reality can be even sexier. Rather, it is better than everything.  Just go for it.

  • Be real and authentic

Be realistic about what you want and what you expect and see how to wonderfully makes you better in bed. There’s no magic formula for this, just listen to your heart and get along.

  • There’s nothing sexier than your deep voice

Play with her sensations and feeling using your deep voice. Say something sexy randomly close to her ears and enjoy the play. This will magically enhance your experience and improve your performance too.

  • Tell her that you love it with her

Always remember to be expressive and tell her that you are having an awesome time with her. But this should not be just for saying, mean what you say. That’s the key.

  • Use sex toys during sex

Get the best sex toys online and enhance your experience by using them during sex. Your sex skills mixed with the power of sex toys will make her feel amazing like never before.

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