If you’re planning to buy sex toys online that you can use with your partner, remember that you’re not alone. You might wonder whether you’re thinking right or what’s right for you. Many couples buy sex toys to use with a partner due to several reasons – spice up the experience, live the fantasies, celebrate, and more.

So, if you and your partner are ready to get your first couple sex toy, you may wonder where to start. Here we have curated a list of the best ones you can get as beginners. Let’s start.

  • G-spot Vibrator

G-spot Vibrator is a wearable vibrator having two ends where one end is used for penetration and the other for clitoral stimulation. It doesn’t make any noise and honestly, it isn’t something that you should think about a lot while using it.

G-spot Vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys that couples use as beginners. It will provide both of you with an overwhelming and intense feeling.  This sex toy is ideal for couples as it not only stimulates one person but both of you. Couples can also try new positions to find those that maximize pleasure for both partners.


  • Magic Fingers Vibrator

To enjoy a stronger and longer sexual rendezvous, get this amazing magic finger vibrator for you. This device can be easily used and adjusted to create a long-lasting and intense experience. When switched on, the vibrations will provide a stimulating pleasure for both partners.


  • Silicone Handcuffs

To create an amazing experience where you get an intense experience, silicon handcuffs are the best. If you wish to try something new or add some spice to your intimate life, these silicone handcuffs make up for the perfect choice.


  • Feather Tickler

Here is a fun feather tickler to add some extra fun to your intimate experience. This ultimately mind-blowing accessory features a sumptuously soft feather along with a handle to control it. You can use it all over your partner’s body until you reach the urge or point, you’re willing to. It can help you as well as your partner to get a more intensive and sensual pleasure giving you shivers all over your body.

You can experiment with different levels of pressure and strokes to determine what works best. Make it an experience that you both enjoy.

Make your experience the best one with the help of these sex toys. You should always work to make your intimate life an enjoyable one always. There is always something for every couple when it comes to sex toys. Do not get intimidated but find something you might like and be ready to try it.

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