Today, girls are more ready than they have ever been to explore their wild side and try stuff they’ve always wanted to. They are willing to take the road less taken and experiment with their person in the bed. Moreover, they are open to using female sex toys, vibrators, lubricants and more to add that extra fun element. So, here are a few tips that can become a part of your experimentation and make it better.

  • Give dim lights a go
  • The light on and off thing can bring in a lot of chaos when you and your partner has a different approach towards things. You might prefer something while your partner the other thing. To come to a consensus and add more sensuousness to the circumstances, you should go for dim lights or candles.

  • Give yourself a head-start
  • A soothing way to start the process can be teasing and cuddling. You can go in for a hot water bath or massage session as well. This’ll prepare you in the most enticing manner. This whole process will allow you to relax and connect with your partner before you hit the bed and enjoy.

  • The “No Comments” rule
  • Ask your partner to lie down and ask them not to make any movement. In this time, you can explore their body and tickle them without getting any feedback in return. This will make both of your hormones skyrocket and generate strong as well as crazy emotions that you might have never experienced before. 

  • Mirror your image
  • Try using mirrors while having sex – it can be one interesting way. It’ll be fun to see yourself in bed entwined with your partner. Also, you can follow this practice to experience great changes in the way you approach sex. This will shed your shyness and make you practical as well as bold.

  • Have some fun with your lingerie
  • Wear fun and sexy lingerie or a bedroom costume to evoke pleasure. It can help you entice your partner and make them feel charged up. You can even go for dressing your partner in a costume or role-play if they agree. This will surely bring character and wildness to your bedroom.

  • Try sex toys for women
  • Consider this as a signal to include sex toys in your bedroom and sex. This will not only allow you to explore your fantasies but elevate your sensuousness while having sex. You can even choose to go for different sex toys based on your preferences and experience the magic they’re going to create. Doesn’t it sound fun?

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