Why is orgasm difficult for Women?

Why is orgasm difficult for Women?

Most people assume that everyone is made equal sexually. However Kinsey would emphasize the overall range in sex drives that would define being normal for both sexes. For example, some women can orgasm a lot of times during day while many men orgasm only once in a few weeks. However, on an average man remain 6 times more sexual compared to women, which would fit perfect as to why men initiate sex. Most men think of themselves to be good lovers but a lot of women struggle to reach to orgasm. Only around 30% of women can orgasm during intercourse meaning that 70% of women aren’t able to orgasm from intercourse. Most ladies don’t want their man to feel rejected so a lot of women fake orgasms. In such cases sex toy for men and women can comfort both the lovers and create satisfying experience.

Foreplay and sex

A women’s sexual energy can be best described as water kept on the stove. It would take a little time to get warmed up and become hot. However, a man’s sexual energy is just like fire, it can easily become lit and is quite simple. All guys should extend foreplay to let a women be completely open. Women also like to feel loved and get appreciated. If you’ve got a short routine of foreplay she would not feel appreciated or loved.

You can extend the time involved in foreplay with male sex toy as she wants to have sex rather than going directly into the intercourse part. You can tease her with foreplay and can also involve female sex toy to see her wild side. Chances for her to orgasm become much higher with these techniques.

Do you also keep changing on techniques?

Women often complain that their lovers keep on changing things around quite fast. If a foreplay technique works well and really turns on the lover, then you don’t need to change and continue it for longer. Ladies generally become used to a ‘rhythm’ before they feel building up of sexual energy. So, you need to keep such things in mind while having sex. You need to get involved in lots of foreplay and lots of repetition as well.

Using sex toys to achieve orgasm

Sex toys and oral sex are some of the best ways through which women can easily achieve orgasm. For women sex remains a lot about emotional connection. A woman wants to feel loved and appreciated. If a man works with foreplay routine of 5 minutes, this leads the women to want less sex. With boring sex the chances for separation becomes much higher as well. Compared to men women need much time to orgasm as well. It is suggested to have at least 30 minutes of quality loving touches all over her body. You can get her to want more sex.

Adjusting your technique

In case a technique or move works well for your lover, you can continue it for much longer. Most men change things at a fast pace. Girls mostly need to get used to certain ‘rhythm’ before sexual energy begins to build up. Keeping such things in mind while having sex certainly proves helpful for better sex life on both sides. Some sex toy sellers that can be considered for a pleasant experience are masturbator, dildos, vibrators, etc. On the other hand, if you enjoy being the master then you can try out different bdsm toys for taking your kinks to the next level.

A lot of these techniques have proven helpful for women who aren’t able to achieve orgasm the normal way. While being in the right hands sex toy for women earn a reputation for tingling the senses and stimulating sexual organs in the right way. Addition of lubricants can also prove helpful to avoid any painful experience.


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